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Getting the most out of your internet speed

by Carl James | BLOOMINGTON, IN | Jan. 4, 2021

Flickr photo by Clive D

Bandwidth and internet speed have become more critical this year as work and education have shifted to the home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are taxing our internet access more than in the past.

Many homes in the United States have extremely limited options in the way of internet services. Some services call themselves broadband when they really aren’t. Some folks have seen service that was reliable become less so over time. What can be done?

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Technical Support via video recording

by Carl James | BLOOMINGTON, IN | Jan. 1, 2021

Carl James recroding a support video

At a work conference in 2018 I presented a breakout session on utilizing video to provide technical support. I wasn’t imagining a global pandemic at the time, but rather want to show common solutions to common problems quickly. On a global scale YouTube has been doing this for years. My talk was about identifying problems common to your support group, but perhaps not the computer world at large.

I had a particular issue with something that all my users were struggling with due a software upgrade. Now this software upgrade had many elements to it and the videos online were often very detailed. My clients essentially all needed to know three things.

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The PC makes a comeback

The right tool for the right job.

by Carl James | BLOOMINGTON, IN | Dec. 26, 2020

Laptop setup by Flickr user AUM OER

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift in technology that would not have happened otherwise. The hot item in tech is once again the good, old fashioned, personal computer. After a decade of the PC taking a back seat to smart phones and tablets, the limitations of those devices became apparent.

I have often heard laments that the work week has become 24/7 due to the smart phone starting with the Blackberry. The killer app was mobile email. People could be reached at any time and that extended working hours.

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Do I need the shiny new thing?

Is the new must-have tech really for me?

by Carl James | BLOOMINGTON, IN | Nov. 27, 2020

Carl James eyeing an iPhone

Technologists (like me) all have opinions. We all love new gadgets and apps. We want to see how things can work better in the future. There is often a lo of hype when a new gadget comes out. Everyone seems to be forking out money for this new toy. You wonder if it is right for you.

I’m not going to directly answer that question for you. What I am going to do is walk you through how to make that determination. Here are a few broad scenarios.

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